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The Wait program is a collective series of workshops that focus on sexual health education with a rigorous curriculum designed to encourage virginity and abstinence until maturity. 


WAIT teaches participants about health awareness, social growth, and life skills.  It is a collective series of workshops that encourage participants to wait before engaging in sexual intercourse to learn how to become effective decision-makers and independent thinkers, increase participants’ knowledge of safe sex practices, and improve participants’ skills at communicating about sex and abstinence with parents, peers and potential partners.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission


are structured to inform participants, include interactive activities and provide analytical reflection.  The Program may be implemented:

  • throughout school year

  • on a weekly basis/bi-weekly

  • after school hours

  • during the summer 

  • 45 - 90 minutes in length


  • (1) instructor, (1) monitor per 15 participants

  • Wait student workbooks

  • course syllabus

  • lesson assignments

  • pre and post assessments

  • detailed final report and evaluation

  • outcome measurements

Young Teacher
Young Female Student

workshop goals.

  • Encourage participants to wait to engage in sexual intercourse

  • Teach about legal age of consent and making effective decisions 

  • Teach responsibility and safe sex practices

  • Teach difference between monogamous relationships and open dating 

  • Teach communication skills about sex and abstinence with parents, peers and potential partners

  • Teach them about female anatomy, reproduction and sexual health

learning objectives.

  • Analyze character traits, quotes, poetry and statistics

  • Think critically by making connections and generalizations from the text, drawing inferences

  • Explain and use new vocabulary

  • Argue and defend points of view

  • Resolve conflicts through role-play scenarios in the play by using the S.Y.S.T.A.S. technique


  • Participants will create, agree to and sign an abstinence pledge

  • Participants will be able to explain a minimum of (4) methods of protection and contraception

  • Participants will be competent in the language to use when communicating with parents, peers and potential partners about sex and abstinence

  • Participants will acknowledge that abstinence is the most effective practice to prevent pregnancy and STDs

  • Participants will be able to identify sexual harassment 

  • Participants will perform and put on a production of the play W8.

about our instructors.

Youth are very particular about whom they allow to provide them with guidance and advice.  Our instructors are a reflection of the participant’s community.  They are NJ State certified teachers, social workers, professionals, parents, community and business leaders.  They are credible, down-to-earth, and have experience in dealing with at risk and adolescents in urban areas.  


Guest speakers may be utilized to reinforce lessons, communicate vital information, provide inspiration and share experiences.

School Teacher

workshops will benefit students who are

Seeking guidance 
Recently graduated and unemployed
Single teen parent
Disruptive in school 
At risk juvenile offenders 
Court appointed

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