The program, WAIT, teaches participants about health awareness, social growth and life skills.  The Wait program is a collective series of workshops that focuses on sexual health education with a rigorous curriculum designed to encourage virginity and abstinence. Our social awareness campaign conveys the benefits and rewards to waiting before having teen sex.  Workshops are structured to inform participants, include interactive activities and provide analytical reflection.  Each workshop is tailored to 60 - 90 minutes, based on client's needs,  and includes; an instructor, monitor, workshop materials and learning aids.



The Survival Course (TSC) is a series of workshops custom-tailored around life skills for independent living. Workshops are open to males and females ages 14-21 years old. The Survival Course focuses on globalizing world-views, preparation for adulthood and self-sufficiency. Workshops are based around economic development, employability skills, healthy relationships, wholesome lifestyles, conflict resolution and urban culture.


TSC is ideal for public and alternative schools, group homes, detention centers, social service agencies, community groups, social clubs and public housing complexes. Supporting materials and learning aids are reflective of our audiences.



One of the most commonly posed questions to adolescents and young adults are “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and “Where do you see yourself in the next five or ten years?”  Well, S4S has a series of programs designed to help young girls confidently answer these, and many more, questions about their future.   


“Becoming a Better You” is an initiative, sponsored as a pilot program in 2013 by Investors Bank Foundation, that addresses challenging obstables faced by youth in their communities.  Interactive workshops, reflective materials and hands-on activities assist in creating a roadmap to high self-esteem and self-confidence which elevates this program from being just a common afterschool program. 



Business Sense is a cooperative initiative between S4S and local businesses and/or entrepreneurs to present workforce and economic development workshops.  This enterprising initiative provides labor ready and employability skills for teens and young adults.  Professionals with expertise in the fields of office administration, customer service and telemarketing share their knowledge, experience and talents to assist entry-level and first time job applicants.  Participants learn about proper business etiquettes, appropriate attire, workplace ethics, common policy and procedures, self-branding tools, interviewing skills and completing workplace documents.