Systahood Afterschool Program (SAP)

is a creative solution to address the complex struggles of females in the 11-14 age-group living in inner cities. Our after school programs are holistically structured to provide middle school students with the necessary coping skills to help them transition into a high school setting.

SYSTAs In The Community (SitC)

coordinates community service projects throughout Essex and Union Counties.  Volunteerism is encouraged to promote civic responsibility and provide aid to those in need through commodity donations and distributions and health awareness campaigns.  Bonding activities between youth and seniors are used to help bridge generational gaps and open up access to wisdom and understanding of life issues.    


SYSTAs In The System (SitS)

contracts with schools and youth agencies to deliver curricula "Becoming A Better You" or the "Survival Course", a series of life skill workshops customed tailored to address current social issues and obstacles hindering the growth of students.


The "Becoming A Better You" curriculum is designed for young girls ages 11-14 who are in the need of some systaly guidance and  social development.