My True Love



"Today's the day", said Tiffany as she paced back and forth in her box sized room. What she meant by, "Today's The Day" is that today is the day she planned to lose her virginity. Taj has been her boyfriend for over 2 years now. Ever since 6th grade! This was a longtime to her. She just knew he was her true love. Tiffany hit her boyfriend up explaining how he needed to come to her house.


"My mom's not home, she's visiting my grandma", said Tiffany. "Oh word! I'm on my way," Taj responded.  He hung up before she could respond back. All her worries were starting to get the best of her. She looked at the picture of her sister and niece hanging up on her wall.


"I don't want to get pregnant” she thought to herself. Jayla was Tiffany's older sister, she got pregnant at 14 and Tiffany would hate to end up like her. She's currently attends community college, and works at night.  Jayla was always a great student, so great in fact that she could have attended Princeton, Spellman or Georgetown University. Jayla was an honors student, member of The National Jr.  Honors Society, and star basketball player. She had her whole life ahead of her. Her sister was able to finish high school but it was a real struggle. She doing okay now but then it seemed like she had to work twice as hard to achieve her goals as a single mom.


"I don't want that" Tiffany whispered to herself.  Recently, Tiffany's best friend Imani lost her virginity. She's been filling her head with all these thoughts of how great it feels and the wonders that come with being intimate. Imani, her best friend has recently been getting super popular. Not in a good way! They have been calling her really mean names like a, “thot” and a “squally”. "I don't think I want to do this", she whispered to herself again. Taj recently told her that if they don't do it soon he's going to get it from someone else.


"Ding! Dong!" Before she could finish her thought the doorbell rang. She looked out the window and it was Taj. She walked down the stairs rethinking her decision. As soon as she opened the door he kissed her and threw her on the couch. "WAIT!!" said Tiffany. He kept going.


"I'm not ready" Tiffany said, scared of what Taj was gonna say. "Whatchu mean? YOU CALLED ME OVER! There are tons of girls who are willing to give it up, and flirt!” said Taj. "We'll you do that, cause I'm not ready and if you’re not willing to wait then you’re not really my true love," Tiff said ready for an angry diss from Taj. "I'm sorry ", said Taj. "WHAT?” ,Tiffany said surprised.

"I said I'm sorry. I really love you and I don't want to pressure you. I want to be responsible about this,  this is a big step. I'll just have to wait longer and to me you’re worth it. "


Tiffany walked Taj to the door explaining how she was happy they were able to work things out. Taj gave Tiffany a hug and kiss and said, "You mean a lot to me Tiff". Tiffany closed the door sliding down the wall, until her bottom felt the ground. “I guess he is my true love and I'm worth the wait!”



Written by: S4S Hillside Chapter

Ideas from: Hillside S4S