Board members, Staff and Lil' Systa Alumnae bring their unique qualities, cultural lifestyles, formal education and business acumen to the sisterhood of S4S.




                                     BRIGITTE JOHNSON

                           CO-FOUNDER/BOARD PRESIDENT


Brigitte's heartfelt love of her community comes from a lifetime of living in Essex County and is expressed through her hard work in S4S as Board President. It is her personal belief that everyone must do something to give back to the community and she intends to carry that responsibility each lil' systa. 












                                   ZELDA EVERSON

                          CO-FOUNDER/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR



In April of 1994 the feat of creating a blueprint to inspire young girls to take control of their destiny was brought to fruition through SYSTAs 4 SYSTAs, Inc. While pursuing interests in the entertainment field, Zelda Everson and three of her childhood friends founded S4S on the sentiments of a John Quincy Adams’ quote, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Zelda holds S4S as living proof of how a dedicated group of friends with great ambitions can deeply influence a positive change. 








                               ADRIENNE MCCALL








Adrienne devotes her community efforts to serving on the board for some of Essex County’s prestigious influential organizations such as Historical Society of East Orange, Inc., Essex County Prosecutors’ Office Community Advisory Board, Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey, and Salvation Army of Orange and Maplewood. God has definitely groomed Adrienne for greatness and carefully laid her path. And when it’s all said and done- her commitment to her fellow citizen and community is how she would like her legacy to be remembered. 






                                            M. SAKINAH REED

                                            DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM


Sakinah received her BA in Sociology, from Montclair State University, obtained three teaching certifications by way of William Paterson University, and holds a New Jersey banking and insurance license. She is responsible for developing and aligning quality curriculum for the Systas from da Hood afterschool program. To date she has mentored over 400 girls and facilitated over 500 interactive workshops focusing on topics developing young girls into self-confident and informed young women. She has brought a broad range of skills and creativity to Systas 4 Systas that have been well suited for young girls looking for a positive role model. Her most noted accomplishment was co-writing and directing the play, “Wait” with the li’l systas.







                                            HAWAIIAN EPPS


                                            DIRECTOR OUTREACH SERVICES


Hawaiian, “The One and Only”, was born and raised in the great City of Newark, NJ. She received her high school diploma from Barringer High School and continued on to higher learning at Lincoln University in Oxford, PA. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and is an All-American Track and Field athlete. Hawaiian has held the title of Director of Outreach Services for S4S as well as the co-creator of the Survival Course, a series of gender specific workshops. Her passion to meet the needs of the youth is illustrated by her two prized annual projects, the Big Back to School skate party and the Prom Princess Project. Mrs. Epps is an elected Hillside Public School Board Member.                                                                              






                                        PROGRAM COORDINATOR/MENTOR


Anessah joined SYSTAs 4 SYSTAs as a little systa in 1995 as a sophomore at East Orange High School. After graduating high school, she was accepted into The Richard Stockton College of NJ where she went on to major in Speech Pathology & Audiology. Anessah earned her B.S. in Speech Pathology & Audiology and then a Master’s degree in Instructional Leadership. As Anessah is passionate about pursuing higher education, she also earned her Ed. S Degree from Seton Hall University, then certified NJ School Administrator/Superintendent. Anessah continues to be an advocate for all children, particularly those within the umbrella of special education. As a member of SYSTAs 4 SYSTAs, she volunteers running the Hillside SfdH afterschool program and facilitating self-awareness workshops for high school students.